Another leap, another landing

After a year’s worth of mistreatment, my husband’s last day at his job is tomorrow. I experienced a bit of trepidation about stopping a monetary inflow deliberately, but the toxicity of the work was taking its toll on my darling man. I think the years of being without made me fearful (and reasonably so), but I heard that little voice of Spirit telling me to take the leap and trust that all will be alright. So we did. I felt an indescribably rush of peace flooding my being upon uttering the words “Merry Christmas, honey. You may quit your job when you’re ready.”

And we landed.

Almost literally the next day, I was offered a summer position at my college that paid double what my husband would have made in a year without subjecting ourselves to the degradation and humiliation of the soon-to-be former employer. I also found that my little editing work has blossomed into a dissertation editing and life coaching business that has grown 400% in the last 2 months — by word of mouth alone. And that’s just the monetary stuff.

Then there’s the non-financial benefits. Daddy can now release the toxicity that has made him short-tempered and anxious, which is very unlike him. My husband can devote him time to working in the real-estate assessment position with our little town, which he loves doing. He is going to prepare to start his Master’s degree (hopefully this fall), a dream that we’ve have been postponing for far too long. We are also preparing to purchase a home this summer (another long-overdue dream), and now he will have the time to find the right property and prepare it for our family the way he wants to do so.

I’m so glad that I listened to that little voice and leaped past the fears that held us back. leap-of-faith


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