Leaps, then bounds

We’re still dancing about that last faith leap. My husband has had the chance to express his frustrations in written and verbal form and has said goodbye to working with the dregs of the dregs of society. Yes, I said dregs of the dregs. There’s something to be said for advocating social justice, and we’re all for that. However, his former clientele included people that he flat refused to allow my children and I to see and we were not allowed to set foot in his office — these people were drug addicts, child molesters, and other types that he exercised tremendous precautions to shield us. I wish he hadn’t had the experience, but his life path must have needed him to learn something from the experience. I’m glad it’s over because he is already once again the happy man that I have known for so long. He has received the state’s blessing to take the exam that will allow him to transfer his real estate broker’s license and is now officially on the March ballot to be appointed to the town’s lister’s board. He’s also making plans to start school this fall and pursue the dream of having his Master’s degree that he has been postponing for far too long.

All these wondrous events have transpired for him because of one leap of faith.

On my side, I was offered a summer position at my college that represents a 20% pay raise, albeit non-permanent. That pay bump will push us over the edge so that we will absolutely be able to buy our home this year. I’ve also been contacted to pick up additional adjunct online work for a prestigious university, thus removing yet more of our financial worries. I also finished teaching an arduous three-week term during which I had to deliver a class that I had never taught, but found that my expertise in payroll accounting was highly transferable. Yesterday, after closing out my class, I found myself to be numinous with joy and feeling more like myself than I have in a while. I have so many, many reasons to be joyful, and my spirit is simply dancing right now.

I’m not questioning why. Just joining the creator in the steps, alight with an uncontrollable excitement that today’s snowstorm has just propelled to stratospheric levels.

This morning was my college’s convocation to welcome new students for the spring semester. One of the speakers had a message that, although it was directed toward the incoming students, touched me. She spoke of all the wonderful aspect of the school and how it changes people’s lives, of which I have seen evidence among my students many times already. Her message was to allow the good things to happen because we all deserve them. Her message touched me because I have experienced so much grace and many miracles that I have occasionally wondered if it is all meant for me. I finally truly believe that it is. My family and I deserve all this benificence, not because we have been through (oh so many) years of bad times, but because we are worthy by believing so.

The magnificence of it all awes me.

Image courtesy of www.vibrakeys.com.
Image courtesy of http://www.vibrakeys.com.

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