“…Tomorrow will be ANOTHER snow day…”

This was the message that just arrived via my cell phone. Rah. For crying out lout– it’s just snow! It’s winter, and snow happens. Yes, we have a lot of it. Yes, it’s wet. Yes, it’s cold.

My kids are excited because it means that they can chill tomorrow and have another three-day weekend. If I were in their place, I would be excited too. As a teacher, it’s another matter entirely. More time away from class means less content I can deliver and less my students will learn. They’re paying a lot of money for the privilege of getting an education, and i’m sure their parents would agree. I’ve already informed my students that as long as the roads are passable (which they should be), we will be having class.  I’d say “take that, mother nature,” but I know the result. She always wins.

You realize that my insistence on going to work is a sure sign that I’m overworked and desperately in need of a vacation, right?

So do I.


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