Getting better each day

Things are certainly feeling better than my last post. I’d say they couldn’t get worse, but I know better than to tempt fate. I’ve lived through too much “worse” and know better.

My younger daughter is coping well and, thanks to her counselor and psychiatrist, getting healthier progressively. She is having a sleepover here tonight with her BFF, who has many of the same issues. They’re good for each other. 

My older daughter is also healing. She has regular counseling and since the weather finally warmed up, she has been getting outside and kicks a ball around to let off steam.  Her new BFF is quiet and grounded,  which is a good complement to her personality.

My husband is back to his normal playful self. I know he’s avoiding talking with his parents, but trust that he will handle the situation in his own way and time. 

I’m getting there. Family counseling has helped, and stress levels have abated a bit. I’ve had to adjust my work-life balance a little, but that’s a good thing. We have a few houses we’re considering as our new home, so I’m optimistic that we will land in just they right place at the right time.

What surprised me during the whole situation was how much more tightly we have all bonded. I feel like a family of super heroes. But we use our powers to save each other more than anything else. It makes us stronger to face the challenges that the world throws us.

I finally know why I had to become strong and why I had to have my own anxiety and depression battles. It all prepared me to be strong for these darling children.

Between all that and the recent lovely spring weather, I couldn’t ask for more. 


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