Thank goodness the trees are starting to show buds

It has seemed like an eternity since we had green leaves on trees where I live. Not the evergreens, but the lovely deciduous ones that turn bright colors in the fall. Today, I noticed the very first signs of little green buds and my spirit danced. I’m not sure why it meant so much this year, but my intuition tells me that it has to do with the emotional winter I’ve been enduring.

Like the trees, things are slowly getting better for my family and me. We have a couple of challenging dates to face within the next couple of weeks, which makes me a bit anxious. I read today how anxiety can be a superpower, and I can honestly say that the anxiety is what has helped me and my family to be where we are. Without my superpower, we wouldn’t be living where we do, enjoying the peace and safety of rural life, fulfilling our dreams. But every superhero has a weakness, and I now know where mine is. Thankfully, no See’s chocolate shops exist anywhere within a 90-mile radius. But they are online…

Life moves on, and soon the trees will have full leaves and I’ll be complaining (quietly, I promise) about the summer heat. We will have a new place to live, and the peace will continue. And we each will heal at our own pace. 



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