…And just like that — BLAM! — hope arrived

Early spring was a challenge this year. between the psychological issues, having to find a new home, revising my textbook, wrapping up the spring semester, and the gazillion other things on my plate, getting through each day sometimes seemed like an impossible chore. But like the phoenix of one of my alma maters, the fire only made me stronger and life more beautiful.

The family is doing much better and each of us has become much stronger, more balanced in our approach to the stressors that nearly derailed each of us. Like previous challenges, this recent round made us bonded more tightly to each other.

We have a new home and will move into it around the end of this month. This is a major feat because finding good, habitable rentals to accommodate a family of four is difficult in our town. We live in a lovely, historic area where many properties date back to the early 1800s. We found a cute old farmhouse in a very peaceful area with enough legroom and separate bedrooms for each girl. Those rooms may help us avoid some of the pre-teen sibling rivalry that is inevitable. We found out late Thursday, in speaking with the owner, that the house sits on 200 acres f rollings hills, forests, and waterfalls well away from the center of town where we currently live. I can hardly imagine what 200 acres looks like, but my dad gave me some perspective, based on a park near where I grew up. We hope to complete the lease execution in the next couple of days, and then it’s just a matter of time. And packing. And moving everything a whopping five miles. Ugh.

My own schooling is now completely and, as my husband puts it, I have three masters now. Technically, it’s one masters and two master’s certificates. It’s what will ensure the comfort and safety of my family’s foreseeable future, and that’s all I need. My students have finals next week, and I get to watch them squirm for a couple of hours as they realize that they didn’t study until the night before the exam, despite my strong recommendations.

Then I get to travel to Miami and present three sessions at a national conference. It sounds much cooler than it probably is. It means that I have to prepare three presentations and deliver them, much like a meeting at school. But I get to do that with one of my closest friends and see a part of the country I’ve never seen. I’m looking forward to it, although I hate leaving my beloved Vermont.

From fear and pain came hope and beauty. Amazing how things work themselves out.hope-in-hand

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