Miami Reflections

This weekend, my co-author  and I spent the weekend  in Miami Beach at an accounting coference and delivered a couple of standing-room-only presentations.  I find myself with many reflections circling my mind  and thought I’d  catch them as they pass.

1. Miami  is lovely in places, but when the  low is 82 degrees, I’m just not thrilled. All that makes it bearable is the continuous breeze.

2. People here are far more into glittery  fashion than I’ve ever seen.

3. I’m out of practice  with big – city noise. So not alright anymore.

4. More money than sense in Miami.

5. Need to make a bingo card for all the odd sightings, like string bikinis on wearers that missed the idea of a weight limit.

6. Convenient  off-water boat parking. Hmm


7. I am so not cut out for living somewhere  like this. Really not.


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