I know I’m smart. Really.

We are now officially mid-move. About one-third of our possessions are moved to the new place and certain places in the house are starting to look familiar. Between juggling the move-in to the new, move-out from the old, and the 50 million other things in my life, I’m starting to question my intelligence. I know that I have moved before — too many times!– but this time is different. 

Maybe it’s my age. Or that too much is going on. All I know from time to time is my name, where I currently live, and where the new place is. Ask me to put one of the seats back in the car so my children may ride safely, and I draw a blank. Or ask me what’s for dinner. Both will earn you a blank stare for a moment or two while I try to sort out the task.

Overload? Yeah, probably. 

I keep reminding myself that this transition will be over soon. It needs to be, because I really do have ton of work to do. Don’t ask me what, precisely (see “blank stare”), but some part of my consciousness knows.

I think I’m experiencing an I/O error. Hopefully, my brain will be back on line soon. 


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