The house move is now concluded, and I have sat staring at the vast number of boxes that are yet to be unpacked and/or stored. I wondered many times, while trudging with yet another box or bag, why we have so many possessions. I remember having only a 1984 Ford Escort and about 17 boxes (shipped via UPS) when I first moved across country. This cross-town move took 283937465 loads, using both cars and a moving van…and for what purpose?

Don’t answer with logic. I’m already there. I get it.

I reflected on Biblical teachings about how a person must abandon possessions to commit to following  Christ.  During these reflections, I thought about how simple and joyful life could be with few possessions. How there would be fewer items to guard, protect, hide, or explain. How moving on would be as simple as packing your few items and just going. 

But then the trappings of, well, adulthood crept in. All the school projects, the cast worn for someone’s first broken arm, the first set of ballet shoes, and countless pictures of times gone by. What of these things could I part with? All, if necessary. 

None, because they are what makes a life.


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