A home I never imagined possible

Our new abode is starting to look like our home. Most of the boxed have been put away. The kitchen is 99% put together, and the kitchen table stands ready for use. A recent view of the backyard showed some of neighbors:


I never dreamed that I would live this close to cows, but they are remarkable. Quiet, peaceful, and altogether wonderful neighbors.

Our other neighbors include several types of birds, crickets, and frogs who aren’t as quiet, but their songs are indicative of the setting. I look through our eastern windows and have a view of the hills of western New Hampshire. The sound of an occasional train passing about 50 feet from our front door punctuates the day at various intervals. Inside the house, a sense of peace and calm prevails. This is the safest I’ve felt since I was a child. My children are finally safe when they step outside the house.

It’s the type of place that I have always sought. Thank goodness it actually exists and has found me.

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