Watching students as they register

Today is the final registration day for a very special program at my school. We have a program in which high school students may stay at the college for three weeks, during which they take courses, have activities, and meet people just like they would in a college setting. As I gaze around the registration area, I see expressions of nervousness, anxiety (from parents as well as students), and the beginnings of excitement. For many of these kids this is their first time away from home without parents or other family. All of these students have some sort of learning difference, some more severe than others. All have volunteered to take college classes during their summer.

My task in all of this is to direct the academics, place students in classes, answer any question they might have, and generally be the Doctor on the staff. I’m finding a lot of joy in this task, although I would never want to stop being a classroom teacher.

The really cool part of all of this is telling students what classes they will be taking. They were given a choice of a few electives and had to choose their top three. Somehow, every student got their first choice of elective. I think it must be all those resource management board games that my family and I play. This is how I feel right now:


It’s wonderful to see their faces light up and the anxiety receded, even just a teeny bit. This is why I love what I do. I can’t really call it a job — it’s too much fun and joy to be classified as work.

I am well and truly blessed.

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