It ended so quickly.

I realized yesterday that my last blog had my reflections about seeing the kids arrive for our high school program. I am now on the other end of the experience, and all the kids are home again. I have been trying to find the words to describe the experience, and have been almost at a loss. I am sad in its wake, but learned so much about myself and the way these kids need to be taught. The best I’ve got is a list of random reflections to share.

  • These kids arrived with trepidation, but returned home with confidence in their abilities.
  • I stayed in touch with all aspects of the students’ experience, especially the notes about events in the evenings (which I called “Days of Our Dorms). It was interesting to see the difference in behavior both among their classes, and in academic vs. non-academic settings.
  • I discovered that I am very good at academic administration, but it does not bring me the joy that I find in the classroom.
  • It was interesting to gain the perspective of the administrator as regards classroom needs, and compare those insights to my own practice.

I am exhausted, exhilarated, and vaguely in awe of the experience. It was what helped me gain confidence in my teaching abilities and perspective about some of not-so-wonderful aspects of the previous semester. Although I would love to take a vacation, I feel a renewal of spirit to fuel my fall semester.

The best way I can describe it is a rare occurrence from last evening. I was resting on the couch while the girls got ready for bed. I happened to gaze out our eastern door and watched the moon rise over the New Hampshire hills. No words can describe the experience, and it passed within a few brief minutes. A friend of mine gave me the words of Dr. Seuss that are apropos here:

“Don’t be sad because it is over. Be happy because it happened.”


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