One-off cool

I now realize that I am destined to be perpetually one-off cool. What does that mean? It means that I just don’t have whatever it is that makes a person “cool” and won’t, despite my attempts.

•I’m the one who wears fashionable clothes after they are out of fashion–or don’t  have that unnamed quality that makes the clothes look right on me.

•I’m the one who figures out or finds the “cool” apps after the app has become mainstream.

•I’m the one who just tonight figured out how to copy/paste on my smartphone…after owning one of this particular model for years.

And the list could continue, having 40 – something years of one-off coolness experience. My kids have come to accept that mommy tries to be cool, but they’re kind of on their own for that one. Thankfully, their daddy has the cool gene and passed it on to them.

At least I have my cat-hat. She doesn’t care how I lack the cool gene. As long as I pet, feed, and generally adore her, life is good.



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