Heaven is alive with color

I am a firm believer in heaven. I do not, however,  think that it is somehow “out there,” or above us. My favorite quote about heaven is from the Gospel of Thomas:

The kingdom of heaven is within you and all around you.”

I much prefer this interpretation because it implies that all we need to do to find heaven is to be aware of its presence. We need to find that stillness within that allows us to find the Divine within us and seek its presence around us. Most of all, we need to be able to appreciate it when we find it because it can slip through our fingers if we’re too busy with the minutiae of life.

Today was a day when heaven proclaimed it’s presence in bright colors. The leaves have very nearly reached their peak seasonal colors and trees are ablaze in reds and golds. In one place, a large group of coniferous trees exist, and a surprising splash of bright red leaves peeks through like a half-remembered dream: blink and you may miss its presence.

This is the time when the Creator takes out the heavenly paint kit


and decorates the world, shouting His presence and love to all who will listen. Can you hear it?


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