Hoping for the best…

The family member who had hurt my children and me so badly is coming to visit this week. I can tell that I’m apprehensive because my back is tense and my neck hurts. We have all promised that no one will be left alone with this person. Period. But I know that situations happen. I have one child who is somewhat excited and one who is having mini panic attacks. Me? I’m strong again and feel confident about handling adversity.


My husband and I are working to focus on the positive aspects of the situation. Today we cleaned the cars and all enjoyed the feeling of being in a clean vehicle (trust me, that doesn’t happen all that often). The house is mostly clean, and we have new shows to binge-watch on Netflix. Most importantly: This person is not staying at our house. It’s too small for guests, darn the luck.

We are going to make a couple of people happy to be with us at Thanksgiving, and that’s important. We have the support of many friends loved ones, and professionals (if need be) who know the truth of the situation. And we have each other, united and strong.

We have everything we need, even if we don’t have all that we want. And we have hope and strength.at-the-end-of-the-day-all-you-need-is-hope-and-strength-hope-that-it-will-get-better-and-s.jpg


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