Random words of gratitude and reflection on Thanksgiving day 2015

I am grateful for the many miracles that have brought me safely to where I am now. I am blessed with two lovely daughters and a wonderful husband who are the lights of my life. I am owned by a mini-Panther who bosses me around on a daily basis. We have a comfortable roof over t our heads, cars that work, jobs that matter, and a safe and beautiful area to call home. 

Today, for the first time since we left California, we got to see my family via FaceTime. My darling cousin coordinated it with me, and it was as though we had never left. Nothing  has changed there. The house looked as though we were there yesterday. The people are as we last saw them. My heart is filled with immense gratitude at this unmeasurable, unforeseen, incredible gift.

The only downer was my in-laws, who scowled whenever they weren’t on camera during the chat. They don’t agree that it is best to be grateful for what we have. Instead, they choose to be resentful for what they perceive they deserve. That is why we do not live near them, do not visit except as a preventive measure, this time allowing 5 days instead of subjecting the children to 2 weeks.  They insist that we go shopping tomorrow, despite all four of us asserting that we loathe Black Friday and everything that goes with it. I will go, if for no other reason than to protect my children from the abuse that will cause cause panic attacks in both children. 

Don’t get me wrong– I appreciate that they drove a long way to visit us. But since they arrived, they have done nothing to accept our way of life, as out of step as it is with their materialistic, superficial world. They have been critical of both children and of me, asking rude questions to find out how much money I make, why I work hard, why my children weigh too much/ little (depending on the child — and both are perfect according to their doctor), why they children wear the sizes they do (because that’s what fits, hello), and why we choose to live simply. That’s our business, last time I checked.
But for the record, it’s because we are grateful for all that we have been given.


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