A huge sigh of relief

The semester is over…


I try to reflect on the events of the semester, but all I remember are the most current:

  • The students who graduated, especially the one that gave me a shout-out
  • The two freshmen who told me that they really enjoyed my class
  • ….ummmm…..

I know there’s more. There has to be. My brain is so exhausted that it’s hard to finish sentences. I think that some part of me knows how to relax, but I can’t remember how anymore.

What do you do when you’re so exhausted that the only thing that makes sense is to work more because that’s been the centerpiece of your existence for the recallable past?

Binge on Netflix. Catch up on favorite shows. Fold the mountain of laundry that seems to regenerate overnight, every night. Pet the cat. Exercise. Try to remember what all the effort was about anyway.

And if there’s nothing else, there’s always pillow forts.images.jpg



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