Pre-Christmas miracles

It is that time of year when we notice the miracles all around us. I firmly believe that miracles occur every single day in every corner of the world. Some of them are so tiny that they go unnoticed, while others are more obvious. Miracles happen whether or not we notice them.

Today I start my pre-Christmas list of the miracles I have noticed in the last 24 hours, in no particular order.

  • Snow! We finally had a dusting that stuck. It is a morning when I think everyone wants to be us: Lovely December sunrise on a snow-dusted hill complete with a forest. See for yourself (sorry about the very amateur photo…)
  • 20151219_082829.jpg
  • A chance meeting of our four newest friends at dinner last night. We stopped to have burgers before seeing the new Star Wars, and they happened to try out the same restaurant at the same time.
  • A lovely Saturday morning with nothing more to do than watch old favorite movies and stay warm while I succumb to a head cold (boo)
  • Satisfying work that allows me to give my family the opportunity to live in a beautiful, safe, nurturing area where we all get to become more than we were before
  • Wonderful children and a husband who love and appreciate me enough to care for me, make sure I don’t work too hard, and make me coffee when I’ve had a rough night

I’ll try to notice the miracles more often. This list should be much longer!


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