On an ordinary Saturday

It’s an ordinary Saturday. Everyone has slept in and is waking up gently, either reading a book or doing whatever they like on a tablet. The cat is purring, and meows at me to get up and get my coffee going. It’s drizzly and 50 degrees, and the leaden sky obscures any sunlight. I prepare to do the weekend errands and get into my new car. The seat is warm against the slight chill, and I quickly find my favorite music on the satellite radio. And then it hits me:

This is the life I’ve always dreamed of.

In this one ordinary moment of existence, I am aware that I have a career that fulfills and stretches me beyond what I think I can do. I have a happy family, including two children who are growing in beauty and intelligence, who occasionally stun me with their insights, and who grow faster than I could ever have imagined. My husband is very successful in his chosen profession and is well respected in our community. Our furry friend always greets me when I come home, even if it’s only with a flick of her tail. I am going to the grocery store to choose nutritious food for the family. The area in which I live is gloriously beautiful, even on this damp morning. I glance through the large moonroof as I drive and see trees silhouetted against the clouds and little rivers of raindrops streaming toward the back of the car.

What drives this all “home” is the little Facebook memories posts that occasionally pop in to my feed. Pictures from three and four years ago appear, and I would have never guessed then where I would be today…

…On an ordinary Saturday.


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