…So why am I blue?

The day is a loveless, cloudless summer day. The birds are singing, the cat is lazily bathing herself next to me on the couch, and a cool evening breeze stirs the air. Bills are paid, and enough money remains to take care of our needs. The house is mostly clean, and I’ve accomplished all my professional tasks. The kids are happy and (blessedly) peaceful, mostly due to the summer rules we’ve established (i.e., no fighting = more screen time)

And yet I find it hard to smile today.

It seems like something just outside of my ability to sense is slightly off-kilter. Kind of like when something smells slightly wrong, but you’re not sure why. It could be the low-level fatigue that is my constant companion. It could be that I’ve had some disturbing anxiety-ridden nightmares lately. It could be nothing at all.

Or it could be a simple need for chocolate. I intend to test that last theory this evening. download.jpg



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