I have more thoughts in my head than proverbial irons in the fire. I have started and scrapped at least a dozen posts, so I figured I should try to get one written. It may come out as a mish-mosh of different ideas, and I apologize in advance.

Today in church, a good friend of mine delivered a sermon about balancing news with the Bible. I’m not a Bible thumper of any sort, and I take any mainstream media outlet with a cowlick of salt. However, something about the message echoed some of the angst I’ve been feeling about this year’s election season.

This season comes down to a question of values. Who are we as a people? What do we value? I can’t possibly guess at anyone else’s values, so I can only speak to my own. In no particular order, I value:

  • Family, both blood and chosen
  • Freedom to live as I choose
  • Acceptance of people as they are
  • Love, in whatever shape or form it may appear

My biggest fear, and one that I believe is shared by many people, is that these things I value will be somehow threatened or otherwise jeopardized because of the divisiveness and hate I hear proclaimed by one of the candidates. I came across the following cartoon from The New Yorker and I found it particularly clever. I think it characterizes the values of the candidates quite interestingly.



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