What does RA + Amusement Park Equal?

On the surface, it is a big bag of “aaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Late last evening, I made the choice to go to a local, large-name amusement park with my family. I knew it would be physically painful, but the way my daughters’ eyes lit up when I consented to go drove away any trepidation I felt. They make pain killers, after all. What can’t be made is that last day of summer before we all gear up for the next school year.

It was a lovely, warm August day. We left when we were all ready to go, and the trip was relaxing. We had one of those precious days when we were telling jokes and laughing at nothing in particular. 

Then the RA monster woke from its slumber. That damn beast has the most erratic schedule and often appears unannounced. What nerve!

For those who aren’t familiar with RA, it is nothing like advertisements depict. I don’t take a pill and then feel up to running a marathon, playing on a beach, or any of that nonsense. Instead, I get to take three handfuls of meds each day and two injections per week just to be able to maintain some sort of normalcy that allows me to function in daily life. When injury strikes or the disease-monster flares, I don’t heal quickly. I eat right and exercise, but the meds pack on weight, no matter what I do. I tire easily and unpredictably, and my balance and concentration can be wonky. This, from a body that used to be thin, strong, and active. While everyone’s experience with RA is different, that is my story.

So I’m putting my weary, painkiller-laden self to bed. But the love my family gave me all day makes my heart light.


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