My Exciting Saturday Night

I just spent close to an hour reading a deposition on a Saturday night. I am not a lawyer and have no vested interest whatsoever in the case. So why did I read it?

I read it because an article in the New York Times regarding Mr. Trump contained a link to it and I wanted to read a source document that was not filtered and spun by the press. I wanted to see for myself what kind of man this is without the cameras, without the spotlights, and without the political rhetoric.

In the New York Times (and a similar article in the Los Angeles Times), the reporters portray the deposition as being about how Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants have offended two of his lessees, who have canceled their leases with his company. There was also a reference to his comment about winning the primary elections with the largest number of voters ever. After reading the articles, I expected some sort of inflammatory language.

What I did not expect to read was a first-hand account of how much of an idiot Mr. Trump truly is.

In this deposition, he discussed his preference to sign a lease agreement over a management agreement on at least once out of every two pages of the deposition. He said that, despite his cadre of lawyers and business partners (i.e., his children), he did not prepare for the deposition. He said that while he did make comments that some people might find offensive, he did not prepare his comments in advance of his public speaking engagements — instead, he likes to talk about what’s on his mind. Under questioning, he said that he did not read the leases he signs and admits that his staff places duplicate pages in the leases to make them appear larger. He said that he felt it would be alright for him, as a landlord, to obstruct his lessee’s business operations by placing a sign outside that contained racist or untrue information. He admitted to adding extra materials to the site preparation that delayed the tenant’s occupancy of the premises and raised the tenant’s rent amount.He perseverated about how he likes to include restaurants in his hotels.He also continued the claim that the media is unfair to him. He also interrupted the lawyer conducting the deposition and ignored the advice of his own lawyer during the deposition.

I can understand ignorance of certain details of business deals, especially given the volume of business Mr. Trump’s organization does. However, for someone who has spent decades as a real estate develop, I thought his knowledge of basic ideas to be incredibly superficial. It was as though he thought he could get away with lease or other contractual errors because he did not read what he signed. His ignorance of quiet enjoyment laws as they pertain to business leases was shocking to me. He sounded like a broken record who tries to use a smokescreen of “I did not read that” or “My children read that and I trust them” to deflect any culpability for his actions. Refreshingly, he did not lie — or at least did not perpetuate a lie once he was called on it by the interviewing lawyer.

Folks, this man is little better than pig-ignorant. He refuses to accept counsel on simple matters such as public speaking, depositions, and debates. He perseverates on details in which he is the only person interested. He acts surprised when someone calls him out about a racist, sexist, or otherwise unwise remark, claiming that the mass media is unfair in their representation of him as a boorish, sexist, narcissistic ignoramus. He bullies those he perceives as weaker than he and places blame on everyone and everything except himself.

After reading this deposition, I now think the media should be ashamed of themselves for not communicating just how ignorant this man truly is. They focus on the attention-grabbing headlines, and it seems as if they discover some new scandal about Mr. Trump on a regular basis. I asked myself what the common thread was — is he a criminal or an idiot? Having read this deposition, my judgment is this:

Trump is an ignorant, moronic, bully. He must not be allowed to be placed in any sort of high political office because his lack of regard for preparation or counsel would likely lead the country into a destructive time that could destroy the lives of countless people, both domestically and internationally.

No matter what your political views are, I urge you to consider the choice you make in November, as the fate of our nation is truly at stake.

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