Finding peace in the tumult

Each day, I encounter people who are uncomfortable with the political situation here. Quite often, it’s a student who is trying to understand the milieu of social media and journalistic posts. Sometimes it’s a stranger I encounter while waiting somewhere. Then there’s my immediate family, two of whom are budding Yao aunt ladies trying to make sense of their world. I have no crystal ball and all I offer is the insights I glean from my own trusted news sources, mostly industry briefings and a variety of other professional sources.

I share the discomfort that many people feel. I think that we have a leader who behaves in a way that draws attention in order to distract us from what he’s really doing.  I think that our country, already treated somewhat skeptic in some places around the world, has lost some of the credibility we had. We have become the fodder for jokes directed at the action of the country’s administration. In one short month, we have become a country of protestors who feel a need to protect our rights, the dignity and protections for the weak and needy, and a people who are deeply suspicious of our government. If the President wanted us to be great again, then he has succeeded by virtue of the sheer number of people, including me, who have shaken off our complacency about national governance and world politics.

The problem I sense, at least in my tiny corner of the world, is the yearning for peace. So tonight, I am listening to the sleepy noises of my family, the nighttime activity of the cat, and the whistle of the evening freight train. In these simple things, nothing in my world has changed. All is well, and my little corner is peaceful. 

For now, that’s the only tangible solace.


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