Lent without Face: Status update

It is now four and a half weeks without using Facebook, and I am finding that I don’t miss it. I’m noticing more peace and less drama in my life. My mind id more calm. I’m able to focus on things that really matter to me: family, professional writing, etc. I get my news from primary sources now, not gossip. I admit that I have been on Facebook occasionally,  but only to maintain the professional pages that I manage.

In a nutshell,  I just don’t miss it.

I recogize that theres a part of me that craves the connection with friends and family that I have on Facebook.  However,  meditation on this craving has revealed my lifelong desire to be part of the in-crowd where the cool kids hang out. Upon further reflection, the cool kids have not really brought any substantial benefits. Drama, yes, but nothing lasting. This revelation has compelled me to reflect on my desire to be “cool” and how much I truly need the social approval.  After all, being uncool,  as I generally have been,  is often lonely.

But in that loneliness I have peace and mental clarity. I have accomplished much without the ever-present distraction.

Will I go back on Facebook after Easter? The jury’s still out.


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