No Facebook. No Drama.

As Lent draws to a close this week, I’m reflecting on my Facebook-free choice. While I miss follow some of my friends, what I don’t miss is more important: Drama, fake (read: inflammatory) “news” stories, and time wasters like “what is your spirit animal.”


I know now that the only posts I truly care about are the ones involving my family, so if I choose to return, I am going to whittle down the list of people I follow to remove most non-family members. Only the true friends– the ones who reach out to me and have voiced their care about my family over time– will likely make the cut. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I do not wish to re-introduce drama and distraction into my life.

What has happened with the time I haven’t been on Facebook?

  • I’ve developed an appreciation for the peace I have found, and that is very important to my sense of well-being.
  • I’ve written a scholarly article that is being considered for publication, written most of a new chapter and revisions for 2/3 of my textbook’s next edition
  • been asked to write an article for an industry publication
  • been asked to speak at a local teaching institute.

So let’s see: Drama on one hand, professional growth on the other.

Seems like a no-brainer to me, too.



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