Emergence from the wilderness 

My self-imposed Facebook diet has concluded. I found myself reluctant to return, not because I’m antisocial but because I don’t miss the needless drama. However, my dad had a serious medical issue this past week and I need to use the site to communicate with family members. I did cull the list of people I follow down to only family and a couple of close friends.  

I find myself understanding Jesus’s retreat into the wilderness now. By withdrawing the way I did, I eliminated the distractions and unnecessary elements from my life. I have strengthened who I am and know more about what I need to give to the world. I appreciate the simple peace and joy of my lifestyle and found that I have more light to spread.

It is a little bewildering to return, kind of how I feel in a large city now: lots of noise and distractions. Like always, I’ll adapt.


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