My boss, the cat

I have a furry boss. She is sweet and jet black, with one white whisker. She tells me when it is time to get out of bed and is a snooze alarm that nibbles on my fingers if I linger too long in bed. She also leads me to each family member who should be awoken. When in my morning ablutions, she has to check on me and demands that the bathroom door remain unlatched so she may enter and leave upon demand. She knows that morning is yoga time and she waits (impatiently) for me to de-clutter the floor and arrange my mat and props appropriately. She then knows that her morning tasks are done and strolls away to find a sunny window or a comfy spot where I have set my bathrobe so she may enjoy the body warmth. I receive extra bonus points if I open a window and birds can be seen.

She tells me when it is time for her dinner and bats my hand if I try to pet her when she knows it is her dinner time. If I continue to pet her past the first swat, the next one has little claws extended and may be accompanied by a light gnaw.  Later on, she tells me when it is time for me to go to bed and waits patiently at the top of the stairs while I brush my teeth. once she escorts me to m room, her work is done and she again strolls off to find a comfy spot.

Things she likes include:

  • Huge piles of clean laundry, especially when it’s warm and she can snuggle into it draped over my right elbow.Janet chicken meme
  • Protected window spots where there is a curtain, especially the window by the piano, so she can see outside (but not go there) and no one can bother her.
  • Anywhere that I have recently been sitting, especially on the couch.
  • My husband’s lap as soon as he gets settled in his comfy chair. (Warning: Sleep is imminent when she does this)
  • Anytime I have a blanket covering a body part when I’m on the couch, so she has a nice warm place to sit and be petted.
  • Little bits of potato chips (plain only, please, no weird flavors) and roasted chicken.

She is officially known as Janet, the Queen of all She Surveys. She rewards us, her staff, with pets (not too many, though) and occasional full-body cat poultices. Oh yes, and the occasional mouse (dead or alive– we live in the country). If a sock, clean or dirty, is left on the floor and she is particularly happy, she leaves a trail of socks between my husband’s and my bedroom door and the top of the stairs.

She is such a funny little creature, and sometime I think she must have learned her habits from a dog!


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