Miracles strike again!

I happen to follow an email feed from The Universe Today (TUT). Each weekday I receive some words of inspiration that are original, fresh, and altogether wonderful. Each day, these messages encourage to abandon my need to control the flow of miracles by trusting that the Universe will do its part if we just imagine the outcome.

What, me? Let go and trust? Not my strongest suit. I decided to give it a try with my most deeply sought wish: A house of our own for my family.

A year ago when I made the decision to let go and simply trust the Universe. I could no more see how we would get into a house than I could imagine how to change water into wine. It w as just out of reach, despite my husband’s and my attempt to make it work. In fact, I was starting to lose hope because I was working as much as was physically possible for me and was beyond exhausted. My husband was frustrated, working part time for a small wage.

But then a small change came. My husband heard about an opportunity to become a contractor in his profession due to the passing of a colleague. We discussed the chance and decided to give it a shot. We had tried so many times to launch his career, so starting again was familiar.

This time, he succeeded. In fact, he became so sought after that he had to decline work. He started working 70 hour weeks and I happily billed out customers, sometimes after 11 p.m. The only problem was that a person can only work 70-hour weeks for so long before exhaustion catches up. Also, being a sole proprietor makes buying a house difficult because of the income documentation requirements.

Keep trusting, I told myself. All shall be well.

Then my husband came home with startling news: The state had called him to ask if he would apply for a supervisory job in his profession. Furthermore, they said they would not post the job unless he would apply for it. I was blown away– nothing like that had ever happened to me or anyone I had ever known. No one deserves good thing more than he does, especially after all the years of frustration, bad business partners, and other let-downs. So he applied.

Yesterday he called me at work and read me a letter that contained the state’s offer of employment. It honestly took me a solid day to process the news fully. Now we have the stability that we need to buy a home. And not just the cheapest one we could stand, but a nice one in a good neighborhood.

The Universe led us to the right doors, which opened when we knocked. I have already put the timeline together to take the chance and make the home a reality for us. The timing is perfect on so many levels that it boggles the mind.

So yes, miracles really do happen. You jut have to be ready to witness them.


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