No Facebook. No Drama.

As Lent draws to a close this week, I’m reflecting on my Facebook-free choice. While I miss follow some of my friends, what I don’t miss is more important: Drama, fake (read: inflammatory) “news” stories, and time wasters like “what is your spirit animal.” Feh. I know now that the only posts I truly care […]

A Lent Without x, Part 2

So my Facebook diet continues, and I’m actually enjoying the peace of mind. I now follow the Congressional Record and get the actual feed of what Congress is doing each day. I rather like reading the source document before the news about it. I’ve also found that I think more clearly and am more productive. […]

Welcome to the apocalypse

I have not written in a while because I have been consumed, like many Americans, with the anxiety surrounding our recent election. That chapter has now closed and it is a new time. Today’s sermon was about apocalypse. Many of us think of fire, destruction, rapture, nuclear war, or some other awful end-of-the-world scenario when […]