Miracles…and bruises

So Mom’s here, and settled in. The dog is running the house when she isn’t being everyone’s emotional support animal. The house is beautiful and new, and full of boxes in various stages of unpack. Underneath it all, a deepening sense of peace and serenity. Instead of waking in a place where no level floor […]

Miracles and those who would spoil them

I’ve noticed that every time I’m about to settle for mediocrity, the Universe surprises me with something better that my limited imagination. No, I didn’t get the promotion at work. And the house deal fell through. I felt like a giant loser for about a day or two. But the setbacks were the precursor for […]

Two days ago

Two days ago, you were perched on the corner of the couch. I called it your gargoyle pose because you appeared to be ready to spring at any time. Two days ago, you purred me awake and herded me downstairs for my morning yoga. Two days ago, you settled in on the pillow behind my […]

There and back again: Montreal

We’ve been planning to visit Montreal for years. Each time, either the money or the time was lacking. However, this year we were able to go. I admit I was nervous because it has been 17 years since I last left the country, and I’m not proud of what is happening in the U.S. right […]

What Do We Value?

It has been said that language is the cornerstone of society because it reflects the way we communicate. I think it is also a reflection of what we value. Consider classical romance languages. I’m learning French right now, and I have noticed that the language does not change to include new words; instead, keeps the […]

My boss, the cat

I have a furry boss. She is sweet and jet black, with one white whisker. She tells me when it is time to get out of bed and is a snooze alarm that nibbles on my fingers if I linger too long in bed. She also leads me to each family member who should be […]

It’s been a long day

Originally posted on Live & Learn:
Don’t be afraid to suffer—take your heaviness and give it back to the earth’s own weight; the mountains are heavy, the oceans are heavy. – Rainer Maria Rilke, from The Poetry of Rilke; “Sonnets to Orpheus” Notes: Photo: A man swims in the Maschsee lake in Hanover, Germany, on Monday.…