Miracles strike again!

I happen to follow an email feed from The Universe Today (TUT). Each weekday I receive some words of inspiration that are original, fresh, and altogether wonderful. Each day, these messages encourage to abandon my need to control the flow of miracles by trusting that the Universe will do its part if we just imagine […]

Another leap, another landing

After a year’s worth of mistreatment, my husband’s last day at his job is tomorrow. I experienced a bit of trepidation about stopping a monetary inflow deliberately, but the toxicity of the work was taking its toll on my darling man. I think the years of being without made me fearful (and reasonably so), but […]

Stepping Stones

Hope Elusive as a butterfly Stronger than steel As ephemeral as thought.   Faith Hope’s eternal partner Surety’s surrogate Found through grace.   Joy Boundless as the ocean Its tides influenced by faith Oftentimes fleeting   Passion Flame-hot and soul-deep Sometimes companion of joy Drives us on our path   Action The product of hope, […]