Miracles strike again!

I happen to follow an email feed from The Universe Today (TUT). Each weekday I receive some words of inspiration that are original, fresh, and altogether wonderful. Each day, these messages encourage to abandon my need to control the flow of miracles by trusting that the Universe will do its part if we just imagine […]

Lost in translation

Today, in the American Christian tradition, is Pentecost. According to the Bible, it is the day when the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, they each perceived the message from the heavens in the language of their birth, and each was instructed to take the message to the world. For most who follow Christian tradition, it’s the […]

The companion of joy, the price of peace

I read on a Facebook post this week that laughter heals the mind, but joy heals the spirit. I think I have been so dis-spirited for so long that I had forgotten what that saying meant.I’m not sure why I had to go through what happened– and don’t really care about the “why”– but I’m […]

The Miracle Unfolding in Us

  I discovered something interesting in miracles: They only happen if you believe they can.   In my Bible challenge, I happen to be reading the book of the  Acts of the Apostles. In this book, the risen Christ appears to many of the original apostles and some new ones, too. In each case, they have […]