Miracles strike again!

I happen to follow an email feed from The Universe Today (TUT). Each weekday I receive some words of inspiration that are original, fresh, and altogether wonderful. Each day, these messages encourage to abandon my need to control the flow of miracles by trusting that the Universe will do its part if we just imagine […]

Welcome to the apocalypse

I have not written in a while because I have been consumed, like many Americans, with the anxiety surrounding our recent election. That chapter has now closed and it is a new time. Today’s sermon was about apocalypse. Many of us think of fire, destruction, rapture, nuclear war, or some other awful end-of-the-world scenario when […]

Calm during the storm

I sit this evening and listen to the rain fall outside. I haven’t closed the windows because everyone in the family loves the sound and smell of rain. Just 24 hours ago, the air was sultry and the night sky was clear, which allowed my children and I to view Mars via our telescope. Our […]

Subtle changes are the most powerful

These past couple of weeks have passed in a blur that has included dropping kids off and picking them up, creating fun classes for my students, watching the snow disappear (sniff!), and a myriad of too many other tidbits. Among it all, I’ve noticed some very subtle personal shifts. I find that I am deliberately […]