No Facebook. No Drama.

As Lent draws to a close this week, I’m reflecting on my Facebook-free choice. While I miss follow some of my friends, what I don’t miss is more important: Drama, fake (read: inflammatory) “news” stories, and time wasters like “what is your spirit animal.” Feh. I know now that the only posts I truly care […]

Quiet amidst chaos

I am frequently asked why I would want to live in a small rural community. After all, I grew up in metropolitan southern California and have lived in other urban/suburban areas for most of my life. The simple answer: Peace. On days like today, the loudest noise are the animals outside and the occasional train. […]

Calm during the storm

I sit this evening and listen to the rain fall outside. I haven’t closed the windows because everyone in the family loves the sound and smell of rain. Just 24 hours ago, the air was sultry and the night sky was clear, which allowed my children and I to view Mars via our telescope. Our […]

Lost in translation

Today, in the American Christian tradition, is Pentecost. According to the Bible, it is the day when the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, they each perceived the message from the heavens in the language of their birth, and each was instructed to take the message to the world. For most who follow Christian tradition, it’s the […]